Customer Testimonials


Thank you for this very informative class. It was to the point and very easy to understand and completely relevant to both our jobs and our lives.


I truly believe that everyone in the plant (including the I&C techs and engineers) should take the class.


I have told a number of our I&C techs and engineers about the profound “two breaths and you have filled your body with whatever is in the air…good or bad””.


They were really interested and surprised.


Thanks again for making Hazwoper a class to remember.


Judie Nestler

Valley Chem tech 


I have been asking for feedback on our block training classes.  The feedback I have been receiving from training your company provides has been exceptional.  Thank you so much!
I wanted to share some recent feedback with you…….
This is feedback from VAPP:  Scott Van Roo, from Emergency Response Specialists, was an outstanding instructor.  He was personable, engaging, and challenged the students to a scavenger hunt to find materials at VAPP. The scenarios were accurate, insightful, and pertinent to the site. The Incident Commander discussions led to some on site changes and follow up drill suggestions.  Great job!
This is a quote I received from someone at OCPP:  It’s a little rough to do anything after 4 hours of CPR, but I think the Hazwoper training kept the people thinking and engaged pretty well and they actually learned something
A huge thank you to you and your staff for making our block training a great learning experience for our employees!  I hope you know how much I appreciate that.



I am a nurse in the ED, and attended the hazmat class yesterday, Thurs. 14th, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class. The instructors were wonderful and very entertaining. I was not sure what the class would be like, but it certainly made me feel far more comfortable with my job having that knowledge. I'm not sure if there are any other classes offered dealing with hazmat, but I would be very interested in knowing if there are.


> > Thank you,
> > Molly Simmert, RN
> > EDTC

Tom and Brian,
Wow, another refresher has came and gone almost like the EMT refreshers.  I attended the Wed. and Thurs. classes and enjoyed the contents of the refresher.  Russ and Jeff ( new instructor ) did a very good job they worked very well together and got good class involvement.  On Thursday we had Russ and Rich as instructors and they did an outstanding job. With  Russ as the lead instructor, it give you a very STRONG program. 

Bill Jensen,  Asst. Chief
Johnson Emergency Response Brigade
Great class! Everyone enjoyed it and the trainers did great. The instructors presented the material in an interactive and entertaining way. I know a couple people had not been through a class with ERS before, and they thought it was great and they felt they learned a lot and would retain the information.
I do know our suits are compliant and are FR rated and our docking stations do automatic bump tests every day (as long as the monitors make it there!)
Thanks Again,
Chris VanGundy  Health, Safety & Environmental Engineer
VALEROrenewables | N5355 Junction Rd. | Jefferson, WI 53549